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Life Matters, Family Matters, You Matter

Welcome to a safe, non-judgmental, and inviting environment that gives you the time and space to reflect on your story, thoughts, emotions, and actions associated with it. 


You Matter Counseling is the place to ask, "what do I need and want?". YMC gives you the space to listen to your self-dialogue about yourself and others, be curious about your life, find and celebrate bite-sized wins, acknowledge and sit with your pain, and re-write the next chapters of your narrative.


Learn more about the counseling services we provide and the person who will work with you through it all—me, Tricia Gordon.


Counseling isn’t a one-size fits all type of experience. Every individual has their own unique story, needs, and perspective, which is why my approach to counseling is eclectic and based on each individual. Depending on your current circumstances and needs, find the best option to get started on your journey with You Matter Counseling.

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About YMC

You Matter Counseling exists to help individuals and families get unstuck in patterns that create conflict with self and/or others. We help you find ways to reconnect with yourself, your story, your beauty—and even your pain—to cultivate self-compassion, love, joy, peace, freedom, and a curious understanding of self and others. All of this self-work ultimately fills you with life-giving decisions and actions.

Personal & Professional Coaching for Women in Business

Girl in Therapy

Trauma Recovery

Learn how to heal from years of traumatic stress that have been holding you back from being the best version of yourself. Trauma doesn't have to be apparent to exist, but it can also manifest in the patterns of one's thoughts and actions.

A Supportive Hug

Family Therapy

Get unstuck from patterns that leave your family unable to talk with each other without yelling, walking away, and not listening and/or expressing empathy for each other’s pain.



Intensive therapy work is typically not-long term or ongoing but instead surrounds a specific topic or is time-related/sensitive. Intensive therapy starts to open conversations and build traction through deep conversations.



I use EMDR to assist clients across the lifespan who have experienced real or perceived painful situations impacting them today in relationships with themselves and others.

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Parent Coaching

I equip parents with skills and tools so that both parties, including children, feel heard. Parental Coaching facilitates better connections with one's child/children on an emotional level that will drive behavioral change.

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Anxiety & Depression

I specialize in helping individuals from all walks of life cope with their everyday struggles such as anxiety, depression, and marital relationships.


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Phone Number:  (469) 642-7648 | Email:

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