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Let's slow down together- the little pivot you just missed is an opportunity for change.

Yellow Calla


I specialize in helping individuals from all walks of life cope with their everyday struggles such as anxiety, depression, and marital relationships. 


I help clients lower the noise within themselves that creates a war internally and with others. I help individuals challenge the lies they believe, find ways to show up for themselves, find ways to extend kindness to themselves, choose themselves and see they do matter.  I help them see they have options and can explore those options.

Family with Tablet


I guide families—including couples—through hard issues that create a disconnection among family members.


Get unstuck from patterns that leave your family unable to talk with each other without yelling, walking away, and not listening and/or expressing empathy for each other’s pain. I help families talk about hard things without fighting, ignoring, and staying in silence—and instead help them stop to hear each other versus respond to what they thought they heard.

Yoga at Home

Trauma Healing

Learn how to heal from years of traumatic stress that have been holding you back from being the best version of yourself. I use EMDR to assist clients across the lifespan who have experienced real or perceived painful situations impacting them today in relationships with themselves and others. Trauma doesn't have to be apparent to exist, but it can also manifest in the patterns of one's thoughts and actions.

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